What is the review of my film on the separate page? 

The review of your film is analysis with using of film theory methods. It is explored artistic devices, expression, idea interpretation and other details. The review doesn’t horn into author’s aesthetic. We succeed to emphasize merits of the film. So the review can be used for further promotion and sharing. To have a look at the example of the review can be here.

Does my film need the review?

Yes, I’m sure! Everything we do must have feedback. Do you shoot “for the drawer”? I guess no, because you search the festivals to submit the film. Seldom film receive review from critic. The festivals are lottery and the review help to reduce element of chance. The review would be good upgrade of your portfolio.

Who is the author of review?

I’m the main author. Here is  information about me. I can involve my comrades with inspiration and even just degree also) In the event of interesting subject I show the film to other experts to embed their replies.

How long is the review prepared?

It’s need from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 month, but not more than 3 month. Please notify if you need the review promptly.

What needs to be done to get the review?

  1. Send a payment

  2. Fill the submission form

  3. Send press-kit of the film (stills, pics, posters) if any to vagrant @ kinaklub.org.

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