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Every month I write message to tell the news and explain our idea. Briefly, in the previous post, I said about summer camping, open-air, and long-life travel without definite routes and schedules. Read more

In this message, I want to tell you about AM9507.

The Vagrant Film Festival is a nomadic art-community with a material symbol or center. And it is our transport facility. AM9507 is a registration number of a self-made catamaran that can turn into a self-propelled road vehicle. AM9507 has many names: CinemaVan, Eidos, Mobile Carriage of Culture (MCC). CinemaVan is under permanent constructing and reconstructing. And it will never be finished.

MCC is a platform for cultural and technical improvements and innovations. Eidos is a space for a community. The community is not constrained with the number of places on the board. It can consist of not cinema-lovers only but musicians, scientists, artists, any inspired people from all over the world.

The second paddle is under process

We try to reflect our thoughts in TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION. The one thing we can show to bureaucrats, police officers, representatives of the government. The document is shared for editing and commenting.

This FB group was created for crew training. We will discuss the project’s plans, arrange meetings, finish the CinemaVan (Eidos), make preparations for departure.

With best regards,

Aliaksandr Martyniuk

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