Admirable films of Summer Vagrant Film Trip this year

These films stand out not only from the bulk of works submitted this year, but from everything that has been watched in the years before.


The Shadow of your smile

Our wistful little star
It was far, too high

The next film by Alexei Dmitriev promises to have a wealth of meanings and interpretations. This time the filmmaker experiments with a digitised VHS tape.

A material media and a video tape form part of the editing process and turn into a film media.

The primary focus is on a blonde actress whose dazzling smile tears her from the context of a pornofilm…


A2042 (David Gonzalez, Spain) is made with a single shot and consists of three narrative frames. The camera goes back into a viewer. In the first frame (set-up) we can see the eyes of a crying man on the back of a civil unrest. Empty streets and burning lights bear evidence of the clashes with the police. We notice a fleeing demonstrant which suggests that the protest has been broken up by brutal force. The filmmaker reveals nothing about the protagonist. The second frame keeps showing us a man, just an ordinary man, sitting on the pavement and crying his heart out on the back of a social disaster. We cannot but suppose that it’s a participant of a dispersed protest that rises to our view. His tears express the impotence and injustice of an existing system.

The third frame (anagnorisis) is a twist in the film and a real stroke of genius. As a camera zooms out from the close-up of his face to a midshot, we discern shoulder straps, badges of rank, police identification marks…

A rubber truncheon, which obviously belongs to him, lies behind the man on the road. The camera doesn’t stop but keeps zooming as if into a viewer encouraging him/her to reject class stigmas, myopia or depthlessness.

My friend, a law professor, strongly encouraged to use the film in the desk studies of a program orientation law course.

A2042 is a perfect movie to accord with the Urban Cinema Vision conception.


Aliaksandr Martyniuk,
The Baron
Julia Kogol,
Pippi Longstocking
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