Anti Red Carpet Festival — Say NO Darwinism in the Art

To take in philosophy of Vagrant Film Club more clearly imagine that our festival is the part of anti-red-carpet movement. What is anti-red-carpet term? I never have been hear it before. And Google keeps silence. What about you, guys?! Was I vouchsafed by new idea this morning? Are not you ashamed that you had submitted the film yet? There will be nor party dress, nor mass of gutter press. If you are not, let moving right along.

I guess that anti-red-carpet ideology is closed to DIY concept and to solidarity of grass-root system. We take the man as we find him. Without cosmetics.

There’s nothing wrong with red color or with a carpet. It is all right to do something at a top professional level. But Red Carpet has became a symbol of marketing in the art. The symbol of Darwinism in the art.

Vagrant Film Club in Belorussian village Dubno

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