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Festival 2020

Despite of Covid-19 situation we will hold the festival. A caravan will start travelling on July, 2 from Minsk (Belarus) to … There are no restrictions of time and location. First, we’ll build a statue — a handcart (June 25-July … Читать далее

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April message 2020

The announced time of the festival is approaching. We’re not going to postpone it. Of сourse, there have been changes in the world that have happened very, very quickly. The borders have closed and distrust has grown. But all this … Читать далее

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about CinemaVan

Hello, Every month I write message to tell the news and explain our idea. Briefly, in the previous post, I said about summer camping, open-air, and long-life travel without definite routes and schedules. Read more … In this message, I … Читать далее

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October report 2019

Hello! My name is Aliaksandr Martyniuk, director of the Vagrant Film Festival. I want gratitude for the submission of your film. Thanks! We will meet in the natural place of Belarus in the summer. I will detail the exact location … Читать далее

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Vagrant Film Festival on Sepember, 15 2019

We are glad to announce the programme of Urban Cinema Vision Section. Films that are fit to the concept of Urban Cinema Vision in the best way. All these 24 films were selected from more than 1000 shorts (1340 to … Читать далее

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Vagrant Film Festival July, 20-22 2018

Hello, These films make us happy and encourage to do what we are doing. Thank you authors and creators for minutes of gladness! We plan to show them during our trip along Minsk from Serebryanka district to Chizhovka Lake. See … Читать далее

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Selected films for Vagrant Film Festival 2017

The first screening will be in the inner yard of National Historical Museum (Karl Marx str.12, Minsk) on July, 23 at 9-30 p.m. Project Title Country of Origin Directors DOUBLE CROSS Not Specified Neno Belchev MOON SICKLE AND A STAR … Читать далее

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Vagrant Film Club Philosophy (on Russian)

Интервью брала Яна Казачук. — Что представляют из себя проекты “Кинобалаган” и “Кинолет”? Почему выбрал именно такое название, и что ты в него вкладываешь? Ты знаешь, тут все было спонтанно, какой-то глубокой предварительной проработки концепции, философской системы не было. Очень … Читать далее

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Start point of the Vagrant Film Festival

The Vagrant Film Festival starts on July, 22-23 in some nature place of Minsk suburb. It will be self-improvised camp without pomps and red carpet. Then we will move from place to place and anybody can join us in any … Читать далее

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Urban Cinema Vision programme of Vagrant Film Festival, July 2016

A Morning Without Coffee (Netherlands) dir. Jelle van Meerendonk A2042 (Spain) dir. David Castro González Clinch (Germany) dir. Manuel Meinhardt, Manuel Rees, Maximilian Merth, Stephan Kämpf Collateral Victims (Italy) dir. Harsen Dad’s Fragile Doll (Iran) dir. Ali Zare Ghanatnowi Damnation (Spain) dir. Marc Nadal Double … Читать далее

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