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Selected films for Vagrant Film Festival 2017

The first screening will be in the inner yard of National Historical Museum (Karl Marx str.12, Minsk) on July, 23 at 9-30 p.m. Project Title Country of Origin Directors DOUBLE CROSS Not Specified Neno Belchev MOON SICKLE AND A STAR … Читать далее

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Start point of the Vagrant Film Festival

The Vagrant Film Festival starts on July, 22-23 in some nature place of Minsk suburb. It will be self-improvised camp without pomps and red carpet. Then we will move from place to place and anybody can join us in any … Читать далее

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Selected films of the road-movie programme

National Centre of Modern Arts (Minsk, Nekrasova 3) March, 25  19-00    Focus on infinity  dir. Mathilde Lavenne Norway-France 15 min    Two shores  dir. Alan Hajo France-Spain-Marocco 7 min    Theory about travel  dir. Mario Varela Argentina 4 min … Читать далее

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The first steps…

Cinema-van-amphibia-mobile library has got to first base. We are looking for a cold spell refuge.

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The Vagrant Film Festival starts in July, 3

Hey guys! The final date of the festival is July, 3-6. The program includes: — Competition program of short films (coming soon), as always with voting by wildflowers; — Presentation of the documentary V.Tsybulko «Where did kinobalagan gone?» — The evening of the … Читать далее

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Summer festival of Vagrant Film Club will start 27th of June

Hey guys! Preselection has been started! Don’t pay attention it is formal procedure. Welcome to be a part of Vagrant film club in any case whether your film had been selected or not. Your film will be screened in the … Читать далее

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The site of Vagrant Film Club is available in French now!

The site of Vagrant Film Club is available in French now! Many thanks to the translator Nadya.

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