Festival 2020

Despite of Covid-19 situation we will hold the festival. A caravan will start travelling on July, 2 from Minsk (Belarus) to … There are no restrictions of time and location.

First, we’ll build a statue — a handcart (June 25-July 2). Then we will load our luggage there: tents, food, water and wine supplies, projection equipment, inflatable boats. Then we’ll go where the eyes are looking without rush or fuss. Anyone can join the caravan at any time. Event on FB

Showings of programs will be organized during evening camps, as well as in towns and villages.

The film programmes were configured of this year.


Film Title Duration Country Directors
Antarctic 00:03:00 France Paola de Sousa
Autumn of the Nations 00:03:00 Italy Cesare Saldicco
Pumice 00:02:36 Iran Mohsen Najafi Mehri
Wonderful World 00:04:00 Italy Massimo Schiavoni
Green Vampire 00:02:57 Russian Federation Igor Elovskih
Ave Quinn 00:01:00 Canada John D. Watson
Beware the Wolf! 00:00:60 France Julie Rembauville
SYNCHRONICITY 00:03:47 United Kingdom Michelle Brand


Film Title Duration Country Directors
SWEET SOLACE 00:09:59 France Nicolas Durand
Childhoods died in Summer 00:12:00 China 刘渝杉
INTRODUCING LIBROPHILEAS 00:17:20 Croatia Ivica Valentić
WILLPOWER 00:15:07 United States Max E. Barnes Herrlander
Reincarnation 00:05:31 Japan NIIYA naoyuki
MATSUGO 00:12:20 Japan ZANPANO
LOVELESS 00:27:30 France Simon Rieth
Apfelmus 00:06:51 Austria Alexander Gratzer
I Want A Sun In My Pocket 00:04:18 Canada Laui Laessa
Short Calf Muscle 00:13:00 Netherlands Victoria Warmerdam
Blue Ford Ranger 00:07:52 United States James Mair Abroms
Psychophonic 00:05:42 Spain Aline Romero
Run 00:02:16 Netherlands Muus Jongedijk
There Could Be Nothing More Foolish, Barbarous, or Retrograde 00:06:44 Canada Cristina Basgan
All that’s left 00:20:00 Belgium Salvaire Hugo
Lesha 00:30:34 Russian Federation Elena Demidova
Zorg II 00:21:43 Estonia Auden Lincoln-Vogel


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