The program of The Vagrant Film Festival
(Summer Solstice, 2013)

«One Missed Call: Life», Anil Kaya (Turkey, 2012), 10 min

Mae starts everyday with a hangover, continues with an interrogation in a dark room and then with the exhaustion of the routine. While in this routine life keeps calling him everyday without a tire.

«Loser Leg», Francesco Filippi (Italy, 2010), 8 min

«I’ve always had strong arms. They have to become such if you are born with lame legs, without bones.”
Giovanni is a kid called Loser Leg due to his soft legs. Due to his disability, he is tied everywhere by his bullish classmate. Despite all, he manage to take life with irony. He is secretly in love with a cute little girl Rose. Unfortunately she runs away terrified every time she see him tied somewhere…

«Peto», Joonas Makkonen (Finland, 2011), 9 min

A boy next door has a crush for a Girl next door. The Boy got the Girl’s dog to take care for a short time. Well… The Boy screws the whole thing. This film is a dark romantic comedy, placed in the 90’s.

«SHIULI-in search of my Goddess!», Amartya Bhattacharyya (India, 2012), 9 min

This film is an audio-visual that portrays two separate perceptions in parallel. The visual part of the film portrays a joyful reality that has lost its focus. The festive mood has been depicted through some cultural and religious ingredients to add the intensity of belief and devotion.

«Game over», Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib (Iran, 2012), 4 min

In a war game, Four rockets try to destroy the world, But children who live in the game, find a way to stop them.

«At last», Tarun Jain (India, 2012), 16 min

Two people set out on a journey. One has no clue about where they are heading. The other has a reason to hide. They meet a stranger whose chemistry with his pet mouse is lovable. Who are these people? A mastermind, a believer, a psychopath and an unknown destination. Strange conversations and incidents take place blurring the difference between myth and reality.

«Pie money», Andrew Salamonczyk (UK, 2012), 17 min

Grieving widower and pie factory worker, Denis, is torn between bereavement and his late wife’s lottery win. Struggling to accept the fortune, his colleague and nutty boss tempt him with pie business ideas, but what will he decide to do?

«Tofael – the tea stall boy», Minhazur Rahman Nayan (Bangladesh, 2012), 1 min

A short film based in honesty of a tea stall boy Tofael . He works in Tea Stall. He live in Moghbazar wearless rail gate, moghbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

«Fable», Agustin Falco (Argentina, 2012), 14 min

One summer afternoon, on the bank of a river, a boy and a girl are starting to meet each other. Meanwhile, landscape and distance will become the stage for a possible beginning.

«The star», Andrej Kolencik (Slovakia, 2012), 20 min

The documentary film «Hviezda (The Star)» tells a story of Jan Slovak, a 55-year-old welder, who fell in love with acting. His desire began, when he got the lead role in a theatrical adaptation of the worst movie of all time, Plan 9 From Outer Space by EdWood Jr. The passion for theatre became his destiny.»

«The Puritans», Sean Robinson (USA, 2012), 24 min

«THE PURITANS» is a short suspense drama that revolves around a soldier who returns home from the war to discover his family has eerily returned to a late-nineteenth century life-style in a desperate attempt to escape from the «perversions» of the modern world.

«The Exhibition», Andrej Kolencik, Peter Beganyi (Slovakia, 2013), 35 min

The film tells about a small museum, where the economic boom has not yet arrived. It appears as if time has stopped in this national museum, a museum which should serve as a show window for Slovakia. Stuffed animals are covered with dust and the three employees working as caretakers of the huge building look like the museum exhibits themselves.

«Fariba’s tree», Tomer Werechson (Israel, 2011), 5 min

On his way to his special tree, Yigal meets an old friend who discovers how much he changed and how little she knew him.

«Infinity», Andrzej Jastrzab (Poland, 2013), 2 min

My poem was inspired by.
wyryty na skórze
oświadczenie woli
dzielenia się krwią za dnia
cielesnością po śmierci
trwać w nieskończoności
etched on the skin
declaration of intent
sharing the blood of the day
flesh after death
continue in perpetuity


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