The Vagrant Film Festival  

People’s Choice Award 

(summer, 2014)

   The Trip (Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland) A 13-year old Asia goes on an excursion with her grandfather. Grandpa teaches her how to drive a scooter, shows her the beauty of nature. He’s got also something to tell her…
   Live Life Dearest Time (Juan Diego Escobar, Colombia, USA, Netherlands, UK) A nostalgic journey through childhood, innocence, and hope formed from the memories of a dreamer who comes to the realization that they aren’t the dreamer at all; they are just being dreamed. A movie which deeply questions what its like to be a human. A journey through pain, loss, love and shattered dreams. A film which main concern is to explore the inner self.
   Hushed. Left. Jumped. (Bruno Carnide, Portugal) A man speacks to the onlookers intimate moments of his life, which will eventually unveil his true essence. Faced with this reality, he decides to make a decision.
   i call it Love (Elsy Hajjar, Lebanon) «An encounter… a phone call… rain and lightning. A love lost in the darkness of a city, Beirut.»
   Siddharth (Krunal palande, India) Siddharth is a short film about identity, about a person lost in the streets of his own town. He is searching something, an address where he has to deliver a package. But in his quest what he finds instead is something that has been haunting him endlessly.
   The Surplus (Mena El Shazly, Egypt) Experimental


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