The mobile (pop-up) cinemas in the world


Whole week I had been delving into Internet memory archives of the mobile cinemas history. I have ventured to suggest that it is the first exhibition before the public of such studying object. I left more than thirty markers on the world map. Apparently,  it is a tip of the iceberg.

Special thanks to Martina and Karsten from film group «Chaos» (Kiel, Germany), who inspired me to do this review.

The complete cinema service for all communities in Ireland. Ireland’s Mobile Cinema


Thus, there are few types of mobile (pop-up) cinemas in the world. The first is excellent equipment venues on the wheels. The high-priced cars are used as cinema hall primarily. The movies are screened inside. As usual, this projects are lotted upon financial viability. But it is not exclude romantic projects like Vintage Mobile Cinema.


The Vintage Mobile Cinema is a unique slice of cinema and automotive history. This was one of seven units custom built for the British government in the late 1960s, used at the time to promote British industry. 


The second is the smallest in the world movie theaters on the wheels. A minibus or a trailer is refitted to a dwarf 8-seats hall for screenings inside. Everything I find were wondering.


The Sol Cinema has been lavished with pride and style. A solar generator is used to store renewable energy from the Sun.


 The charming Puck Cinema Caravana

The next way is usage of pop-up cinemas potentials for urban atmosphere design. “A wall is a screen” can be striking example in Hamburg.

The project »A Wall is a Screen« takes advantage of the »nightly downtime« in the vitality of the down town area…
Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema strive to be collaborative, site sensitive, and open to a diverse range of participants.

London can be rightfully considered the capital of pop-up, open-air cinema screenings. A widely range of artistic approaches to the locations and conceptualization is scatterly presented. It is ranging from cinema-boat floating along the channel to the screenings on the roof, cemetery and secret places. Even underground can be turned to movie theater. So we can distinguish self-directed way that is the extent of one city.



 The Mobile Cinema can be viable method of educational activities. It is subject to the Third World countries, slums or out of way, remote communities.

 FilmAid offers marginalized communities a voice on the issues that affect them, allowing for self-advocacy and self-determination. The programs offer hope through the simple joy of the movies and the creative outlet of self-expression.
The Mobile Cinema Foundation strongly believes that film has the power to generate awareness, stimulate debate and initiate change in people and societies .

And last but not least kind of the mobile cinema that has the main goal of travelling. I can represent and warrant that Vagrant Film Club is following this way. But I would present a nice guys from Moviemento! They look like real nomads who visited numerous places, folks, tribes and terrains. If you is a filmmaker, don’t keep calm and submit your film immediately!

Moviemiento — Short Films on the Road is based on a simple and unique idea: a moving short film festival that travels throughout Europe and the world.

I guess, that it is the time to end as for types and forms of travelling mobile (pop-up) cinema. Please, check the map may be amazing cinema van is sticking around.


Travelling (Mobile, Pop-up) Cinema Projects In The World (not commercial mostly)

Карта загружается. Пожалуйста, подождите.

Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema: 24.918822, 67.077026
Sinema LEO: -6.369028, 34.888822
Vagrant Film Club: 53.904540, 27.561524
Sisak Eco Film Festival: 45.485077, 16.373116
The Mobile Cinema Foundation: 52.064363, 4.293849
Vintage Mobile Cinema: 52.355518, -1.174320
Iraqi Mobile Cinema Festival: 33.223191, 43.679291
Cultural Video Foundation: -1.292066, 36.821946
Screen Machine: 56.490671, -4.202646
FilmAid international: 40.744273, -73.987906
: 51.524267, -0.106433
FilmAid Kenya-Nairobi: -1.297999, 36.764966
FILMAID ASIA - HONG KONG: 22.279910, 114.156783
The Sol Cinema: 51.635067, -3.751831
Cinéma numérique Ambulant: 12.238333, -1.561593
Cinemobile: 53.412910, -8.243890
Mobile Cinema in Cninatown: 45.481389, 9.176667
Puck Cinema Caravana: 40.463667, -3.749220
Drive-By Cinema: 32.715738, -117.161084
The Somali Peace Caravan: 5.152149, 46.199616
Indonesia Mobile Cinema Association: -0.789275, 113.921327
Gorilla Cinema: 53.376711, -1.466561
Zimbabwe Interfilms - Mobile Video Services : -19.015438, 29.154857
The Nomad Cinema: 51.473017, -0.179043
Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow: 30.267153, -97.743061
Cannes in a Van: 43.552847, 7.017369
ONTHEWAY: 55.804489, 37.585280
Cycle-In Cinema: 51.531874, -0.066001
A wall is a screen: 53.554310, 9.927260
Pluk de Nacht - Open Air Film Festival Amsterdam: 52.389312, 4.892627
Mobile Kino: 52.520007, 13.404954
Moviemiento: 52.511460, 13.459609
La Boite Carree: 47.218371, -1.553621
Le Cinema Voyageur: 48.807848, 2.337057
Urban Nomad Film Fest: 25.028062, 121.586380
Road to Cinema Jenin: 47.219568, 8.437500


P.S. The projectionist Elisonguo Kiwia likes movies. And he dreams of a good film ministry in his home country Tanzania. Everybody thinks he is crazy, because Kiwia’s only interest is to go out to the countryside and show films — for free! He not only feels like an projectionist. He really wants to reach his audience.

Sinema Leo (UT) D from Filmwiese on Vimeo.


Aliaksandr Martyniuk,
The Vagrant Film Club Baron
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