Summer Festival 2018


These films make us happy and encourage to do what we are doing. Thank you authors and creators for minutes of gladness! We plan to show them during our trip along Minsk from Serebryanka district to Chizhovka Lake. See map.

Title Director Country Duration
Another World is Possible Okay Karamahmutoğlu Turkey 0:25:24
Travel Notebooks: Bilbo, Bizkaia — Spain Silvia De Gennaro Italy 0:03:08
Travel Notebooks: Barcelona, Spain Silvia De Gennaro Italy 0:02:11
Unidentified Item No. 984 Aria Covamonas Mexico 0:01:38
Taxidermy for Beginners Aria Covamonas Mexico 0:03:14
She’s On the Prowl Michael McCallum United States 0:03:17
American Trompe L’oeil No. 1 Anders Nienstaedt United States 0:00:59
Genesis Akın Uysal Turkey 0:02:23
Persistence of Vision III Ismael Sanz-Pena Norway 0:01:45
Inventory of Time Khalil Charif Brazil 0:01:00
barbie’s magic box Burak Kum Turkey 0:01:39

Our aim is testing the CinemaVan’s floating possibilities also. We have not a definite schedule. Our route is our life.

Vagrant Film Festival July, 20-23 2018

Карта загружается. Пожалуйста, подождите.

Start Point: 53.871037, 27.589803
Stop 1: 53.862525, 27.586799
Stop 2: 53.849894, 27.587657
Stop 3: 53.842602, 27.600875
Screening Chizhovka: 53.846944, 27.609640
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Start Point
Start point (around 11-12 a.m.) July, 20.
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Stop 1
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Stop 2
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Stop 3
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Screening Chizhovka
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